Kitesurf Challenger


I'm committed to raising a minimum of HK$ 10,000

Arrived 12 years ago in Hong Kong, I first met with Hill as I was looking for a kitesurf teacher for a group of friends going to Hsinchu, Taiwan. 

A few years later, what an inspiration and pride to read her as the very first kitesurfer to cross the Pearl River delta from Hong Kong to Macau! When she raised her initiative to our Hong Kong kitesurf WhatsApp group, I thought… ok, well, another attempt to save the Ocean, just a drop in the bucket …


This is when I met her around her project that I really understood the full extent of her initiative: curb ocean pollution from local to global initiatives, identify and fund a concrete idea to address plastic pollution. 


Our sport can have another meaning than pure adrenaline. We can make a difference. 


So let’s do it! 


See you on the water for the 1st event in the coming months.



UP TO DATE HK$ 100/ per lap

* Soon after pledged, you'll receive an email within 24 hours for further notice.